Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Riri Woo vs Ruby Woo

So i finally got my hands on RiRi Hearts RiRi Woo, but I was bummed out because I had also ordered the blush/bronzer and the plum lipstick but order was never received by MAC :(

Now on to the comparison, both lipsticks look different in the tube, however once applied to the lips they look identical. RiRi Woo is a bit more hydrating since it is a retro matte.

I applied the lipstick next to each other, they look identical. 


  1. hey this is "LoveYourHairQueen" from you tube I entered the giveaway and I am determined to win lol I wanna do a review on the lip stick =]

    1. Haha! Good luck! I will randomly choose in a couple of days :)

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  3. Both the colors are actually looking same in the picture, can't make out the difference. But still the color looks great on you.

  4. they do look identical, however they look perfect on your full lips!