Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Many of you may or may not know that Sephora was having their VIB sale! Well I placed an order online but couldn't help myself from visiting a Sephora in a JC Penney. I was gifted a Sephora $50 gift card last christmas but for the JC Penney store. I was not aware that you could not use it online! I was only suppose to buy the LORAC Pro Palette and kinda bought other items! I did not pay retail price for these items, I got 20% off. I will share my online purchase once it arrives! 

CLOCKWISE: LORAC Pro Palette ($42) - LORAC TANtalizer Baked Bronzer ($7) - MARC JACOBS Daisy (Limited Edition $79) - LORAC TANtalizer Matte Bronzer & Highlighter ($12)

I was pretty disappointed with the highlighter it is really chalky and there is no pigmentation. The bronzer is matte and it sorta reminded me of one of my favorite bronzers (Benefit Hoola). I am going to return it, because the highlighter was horrible.

I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this baked bronzer! It can also be used as a highlighter. It is more subtle once applied with the brush. There is a lot of product in this deluxe sample, couldn't imagine buying the full version, this is probably going to last a while!

Finally got my hands on this bad boy! The eyeshadows are beautiful, creamy, and pigmented! Check out the post with the swatches!

This is a limited edition perfume that was released for Cancer Awareness month. I was attracted to the packaging! I thought i was going to smell like the original Daisy perfume, but it doesn't. I am not sure  how I feel about it yet, might return the perfume. They added different notes: Wild Strawberries, Violet Petals, Gardenia, Jasmine, White Woods, Birch, Cedar Wood. 


  1. I loved my lorac tantilizer until my lil one got to it and destroyed it! I never used the highlighter though, I also thought it was chalky, but I loved the bronzer portion. Great haul :)

    1. Oh no! It happens! Yes I love the bronzer but not in love with the highlighter!